SYLVANUS  LEONE( sil-van-us lee-ohn) is a professional photographer, oil painter, and creative director based in Los Angeles, CA.  His story begins 15 years ago with one of many of his forms of expression, Photography.  He has a passion and skill for telling a story through his art.  Throughout his career has trained and collaborated with an array of talented stylists, models, musicians, public figures, and other creative artists.  Being on set with Sylvanus, you will experience his ambition, eye for detail, and personable demeanor.

Sylvanus was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa, migrated to London, then to Los Angeles at nine years of age.  He developed a love for photography when his father taught him the basics of using a film camera and how to develop the film.  From then on, Sylvanus became engulfed  into the art world and taught himself more advanced elements of photography, painting techniques, and drawing.

Sylvanus' recent work has been featured in Bello Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Summers Magazine, and Vulkan Magazine.